Probably the unsung heroes of our nation, this group are extremely short on time once they’ve dressed and fed the kids, driven them to and from school or nursery, fed them again and tucked them up in bed with a bedtime story and a million other things in between... Phew! With so little free time, it’s no wonder many mums struggle to fit exercise and socialising into their busy schedule.

However, rounders gives both ‘me time’ mums and those wishing to involve their kids, the perfect excuse for exercising as well as socialising with friends...not forgetting dads too! Short informal sessions are ideal, allowing them to fit the game around other demands. Mums wanting a break from children can fit in a game with their mates when a childcare opportunity arises. The creation of a weekly ‘after [nursery] school group’ on a school field or in a local park may be one way of getting a group together to enjoy a game with others whose children attend the same school or nursery. In fact, they may decide to take their kids and partners along with them for an action packed game of adults vs kids!