What's it all about?

Whether you just want to play for fun or get others involved in playing rounders - this toolkit will give you everything you need to know to get started.

Our aim is to get more people than ever before playing the game on a regular basis; in the local park with friends and family, or with work colleagues in a local sports centre. By reading and following the simple guidelines in this toolkit, we hope you’ll put a smile on the faces of new recruits as they chuck, whack and leg their way through an energetic and fun game of rounders!

Rounders can bring a smile to the face of anyone regardless of their age, background, disability or gender. Whilst wanting to share the simplicity, excitement and fun of the game with everyone, there are three groups of people we want to target in particular; mums, students, and people working for local businesses.

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This toolkit will arm you with all of the information you’ll need to start organising and playing action packed games of rounders in your local area.

As well as giving a recap on the rules of the game, the toolkit provides advice on the equipment you’ll need to play; top tips for creating fun rounders sessions; and ways of promoting games in your local area. We’ve also included helpful materials like printable posters, flyers and scorecards to help publicise and run matches.

With your help, we know we can re-ignite people’s passion for rounders by reminding them how simple, accessible and most importantly fun it is! We want to reconnect adults from all walks of life and ages with the game - whether they are a frantic mum, a student or a busy professional.